At Fortis Talent, our mission is simple:

To consistently provide our clients with the absolute best technology consulting talent on the planet.

Do you need a talent infusion?

There are many "body shops" that will sling resumes at you.  But how many hundreds of resumes must you dig through and how many pointless interviews must you sit through in order to find that one shining star that will positively impact your team's performance?  Wouldn't it be great if you had a partner that took care of all the screening and interviewing for you and sent you only top talent for your critical roles?  Look no further because that is exactly what we do!

What if my team is lacking an important skill?

Most of our client needs boil down to one of two things: limited staff skill set or limited bandwidth - and sometimes both!  We are fully prepared to tackle either situation.  In the case of a limited staff skill set, we have a Coach & Contributor model, where we place subject matter experts on your team to simultaneously produce on your project at a high level while transferring skills to your team. Our Coach & Contributors deliver a full project contribution which earns your team's respect and confidence so they will be open to our coaching.  The Coach & Contributor approach works especially well with methodologies like Agile, SCRUM, Extreme Programming, Lean and Kanban where training courses and theoretical mentors fail to accomplish the cultural shift that clients are looking for.

What if I need an entire project delivered?

We do that too!  The "Navy Seal" talent level of our staff combined with our high-octane Agile delivery approach makes us difficult to compete against.  We deliver projects rapidly and with amazingly few resources.  The resulting systems are extremely usable and add instant business value.