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deliver better, faster and 


less expensively.​

Application Development services that

Our mission is to provide Application Development services that deliver better, faster, and less expensively.  We excel at deploying High Performance teams in Application Development.  If you are in need of a quality product with rapid time to market, we have you covered.  Here are the main differentiators that make our project delivery special.



Core Differentiators​

Agile Expertise – We are certified experts in Agile development best practices including Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming and more.  We give you the visibility to see your application in progress every 2 to 4 weeks and make adjustments at these intervals.  We also leverage Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration to make sure that quality is engineered into the product early and often.


Superior Development Talent – We have deep and extensive networks of expert Java and .NET developers and technical leads.  We are led by Software Architect principals who rigorously vet the developers on our projects.


Superior Team Dynamics – At Fortis, we leverage Emergenetics, the latest revolution in neuroscience to boost team performance.  We seed teams based on optimal personality blend and train them in Emergenetics for enhanced interpersonal interactions across the entire team.​


Integration of College Interns and New Graduates – We have excellent relationships with several major Texas universities.  We often integrate college interns and new graduates into our development teams to: a) bring cost savings to our clients and b) groom and develop next generation talent for our clients.



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