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Information Security Services you can trust 

at a fraction of the cost

The multitude of new cyber-attacks, audits, and regulations combined with the costs of competent full time resources to manage cyber security and technology risk management places especially challenging burdens on organizations in all verticals.  Many organizations are hard pressed to adequately address the daunting task of protecting the privacy of their sensitive customer data.


With cyber threats ever increasing, choosing the right information security service partner is critical.  You need a partner with deep expertise in defending against a growing universe of threats.  Fortis Talent blends strategy and technology to address our client’s most complex, high-priority cyber challenges, allowing them to move faster and with more confidence.  With many affordable options, our platforms are easy to implement and keep you ahead of the latest threats and leverage leading-edge technology.

Executive Security Expertise at a Fraction of the Cost

Now more than ever, organizations need a robust IT Security strategy, direction, framework and overall roadmap.  We eliminate the fears and delays that accompany trying to run an organization in an unsecured environment, and let our customers focus on their mission.  Our program can help you radically reduce your organizational risk at a fraction of the cost.

Fully customized to your needs, our executive level security experts will develop and maintain your information security program using a risk based approach, within budget constraints, and according to industry best practices and your business needs.  In a world of zero day attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats, it pays to have a plan.


Email Security                              

Network Monitoring                                



End Point Protection                        


Network Access Control                 


Threat Detection                                       

Intrusion Prevention System          



Security Strategy                     


Penetration  Testing                                      

Policy & Procedure                              

Threat Analysis            


IT Risk Assessment


Security Assessment                          

Vulnerability Assessment          


Data Breach Risk Assessment     




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